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Приятный разговор с троллем

Лаэрта Эвери
You: hi

Stranger: hello

You: asl?

Stranger: what is that ?

You: new here?

Stranger: yup kinda

You: age/sex/location

Stranger: so i'm 45 and i'm from kazakhstan

Stranger: oh, and sex

Stranger: twice a week

You: XD

You: male?

Stranger: i prefer females but

Stranger: it's doesn't matter in kazakhstan

You: hello, my dear troll ;D

Stranger: :D

Stranger: i'm bored man ;d

You: yep. u're funny

Stranger: and there's some guys like "girl? girl ??? i need a girl !"

Stranger: so i'm not as serious as them :d

You: hah, tha's cool

You: just want to chat?

Stranger: yup

Stranger: no roleplays, no sending photos ;d

Stranger: just chat

You: that's promissing

You: =]

You: and what's ur prof?

Stranger: prof ?

You: profession

Stranger: i'm a plumber

Stranger: italian plumber

You: xD oh yeeeah

Stranger: and i'm going through some weird countries, saving princess and doing some cool shit

Stranger: you know ;D

You: u know english very well.

Stranger: i'm hopless at that :d

You: so, are you married, my dear troll?

Stranger: yes

Stranger: she's freakin' ugly

Stranger: ughh

You: hahah

You: and children?

Stranger: nonono

Stranger: when i see her face, i'm like

Stranger: "i don't want to hurt someone like that"

You: oh

You: so. why are u married? xD

Stranger: u know, i've had a choice

Stranger: she or goat

Stranger: sometimes it's hard to live in kazakhstan

You: i see, i see...

You: mb a goat was better in that way?

Stranger: nonono, goat is too nervous

Stranger: i mean seriously, i don't wanna get kicked like that

You: lol

Stranger: that hurts, trust me

Stranger: ;d

You: yep. not a good experience

Stranger: i think so

Stranger: so tell me sth bout u

Stranger: cpt. obvious :d

You: lol

You: green hair. long green hair.

Stranger: wow, u r a mermaid ?

You: tryin so :D

You: and yep, i'm 18

Stranger: and where are you from ?

Stranger: i mean which sea ?

You: biiig sea, very big

You: mb an ocean

Stranger: niice

Stranger: u have some cool fish round u ?

You: lots =] green, blue...

You: that's awesome to live with them, pretty silence

Stranger: heat water ?

Stranger: i'd love to

Stranger: all i can see is grass

Stranger: fuckin' grass round me

Stranger: and my ugly wiffe

Stranger: wife

You: grass is rather good sometimes

Stranger: to fly i think kinda good :D

Stranger: but i'm italian plumber, so i prefer shrooms

You: often?

Stranger: all day all night

Stranger: :D

You: yeeeeah

You: lol

Stranger: rotfl

Stranger: and lmfao

Stranger: what kind of music do u prefer mermaid ?

You: relaxing of course

Stranger: like ? selena gomez ? rebecca black ?

You: of course

You: nothing's better them

You: anв no one

Stranger: yuup

Stranger: friday is our national anthem

Stranger: in kazakhstan

You: really?

Stranger: of course

You: wow!

Stranger: we all love this song

Stranger: "fun fun fun fun"

You: yeeeah

You: omg. that's awesome!

Stranger: yuup

Stranger: u should move to kazakhstan

You: i'd love

You: do have any sea?

Stranger: lol, idk :D

Stranger: i hav to check it

Stranger: yup !

Stranger: we've got caspian sea

Stranger: like in narnia

You: is it clean and warm?

You: Prince Caspian

You: XD

Stranger: ofc it's clean and warm

You: ok

You: i'll look at map and decide how's better to go there

Stranger: you'd better do an undercut

Stranger: :D

You: yepp lol

Stranger: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rGvq3cdJkk

Stranger: nice song

You: no doubt

Stranger: ;p

Stranger: it makes me happy, even in kazakhstan, next to my wife

You: and what's her favourite song? lol

Stranger: huh, i don't know if she knows, what is this music thing about

Stranger: :D

You: x

You: xD

Stranger: she's kinda cavegirl

Stranger: if u know what i mean

You: yep

You: i know

Stranger: so sad, so sad

You: yeaaah

Stranger: but i know, i have to live with this

You: cheer up, because there is always someone to leave :D

2011-08-20 в 22:49 

И волей месяца окутан, Как в сонный плащ, вечерний странник Во сне над пропастями прыгал И шел с утеса на утес.
nice, nice)

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